12 Uses Of Salt Apart From Cooking

Salt is one of the most used ingredients in the kitchen but how often do you use it for anything but cooking

When it comes to our health, Salt is actually an important mineral. In the right quantity, not only can it benefit our health, but it can be super useful for all sorts of other things.

1. To remove the odour from your hands after cutting onions, Chicken or fish, just wash your hands with salt and water. Then, you will have no more smell.

2. To avoid the feeling of the hotness of pepper on your hands after cutting or slicing it with your hands, rub them with salt and vegetable oil or red oil and wash them.

3. When Pepper mistakingly enter your eyes, put a pinch of salt in your mouth. The hotness of the pepper will disappear.

4. When storing empty containers or bottles, throw in a pinch of salt to help them from getting sticky.

5. Sprinkling some salt on your fresh Pepper while pounding them helps to make them pound easily.

6. Soaking bitter leaves in salt and hot water, helps to remove extra bitterness before cooking with it.

7. If your liquid milk always spoils before you finish it, you can add a pinch of salt when you first open it, it will help the milk to stay fresh longer.

8. Salt and detergent mixture can help you kill ants and cockroaches disturbing you in the kitchen.

9. Placing your overipe tomatoes in cold and salty water overnight will help to make them fresh and firm.

10. If you cut Lemon and you don’t want to finish it immediately, sprinkle salt on it, it will stay fresh for 3days. Make sure you rinse it before using it again.

11. Salt can be used as a preservatives method for preserving meat, fish or vegetable. It helps to prevent bacteria growth.

12. Grease fire or small fires can be put out with the use of salt

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