2 Sexual Activities You Should Avoid And Why

When it comes to marriage, by right, married couples have the luxury of making out with each other whenever and however they desire to do so, because there is no universally acceptable lovemaking book that couples should adhere strictly to in their marriage. Nonetheless, in spite of the freedom couples have to decide how to manage their affairs in their matrimonial bed, there is need for them to apply wisdom in the process by not engaging in some intimacy activities for the sake of their well being.

According to the medical information provided by health practitioners in an article, the following lovemaking activities should be avoided by people, no matter the assumed pleasure and satisfaction that they may derive when they get involved in them.

1. Oral lovemaking. This is a lovemaking act that mainly involve the use of the mouth. When two opposite gender get intimate with each other through this lovemaking means, they can get exposed to some health infections and diseases, most especially when their partner is housing those STDs/STIs in their system. Some of the infections include but not limited to herpes, HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea etc.

2. Anal intimacy. This lovemaking activity mainly make use of the anus as a tool of lovemaking. One of the common downsides of this method of intimacy is, it leads to the tearing of the anus due to the absence of that part of the body to naturally lubricate itself when couples are having carnal knowledge of each other. Consequently, the presence of the tear can result to a situation known as fistula, where faeces will no longer be contained only in the bowel but will also be circulated to other parts of the body, thereby leading to health hazard which can only be treated through surgical means.

In conclusion, if for any reason you must get involved in any of the aforementioned lovemaking activities, be sure that your partner is not having any of the aforementioned infections. You can also make use of watery lubricant when involving yourselves in anal intimacy to avoid tearing of the anus.

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