3 Ways to boost sex and happiness in a relationship

Intimacy and happiness in marriage don’t just happen without putting in effort and sacrifice. Below are a few tips focused on how to increase intimacy and happiness between married partners.

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1. Making the first approach towards intercourse: when one person is singly the one consistently asking for intercourse, he or she feels like a burden to you and sometimes believes you are no longer interested in the relationship. Intercourse is one of the best ways to express affection for each other, therefore initiating it with your partner at least twice a week grows affection and happiness in marriage.

2. Always say thank you to your partner: you can easily overlook the good things your partner has done for you when you are annoyed. You end up grumbling and creating a negative atmosphere amongst yourselves. To avoid this, always appreciate your partner by saying thank you whenever you receive support whether directly or indirectly. The risks of having an argument or facing complications with your spouse are less when you make gratitude your character. Even when you argue, you can easily understand each other.

3. Show them, love, by performing one of their favorite activities: examples of interesting activities you can perform with your partners are: giving them a massage after a stressful day at work, having a long discussion about their day at work, going on a stroll with them, or even perform their hobbies together. This single act of love can boost your communication skills and generally bring a feeling of joy to your home.

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