3 Foods To Eat To Keep Your Bones Strong In Old Age

As we grow older, we need our bones to carry our bodies, so we won’t need someone to carry us or move us around in a wheelchair. Some people lose their bones as they grow older.

This can cause them to have fragile, porous bones due to insufficient calcium in the body. Some elderly people are suffering from disability due to bone fractures.

Some people grow old with back pain or bent posture. Some can’t walk properly for a long distance because they don’t have sufficient density in their bones.

However, you can grow old without having fragile, porous bones if you eat the right foods that will help you maintain strong bones. Some foods contain the right nutrients you need to reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis.

You can start eating them now, even if you are old, and you will gradually see some positive results. According to WebMD, eating the following foods can help you have stronger bones as you grow older:

1. You need to eat foods that are rich in calcium, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. Your body will benefit from the natural calcium found in them, especially when you eat them every day. You can also get calcium from vegetables and orange juice.

2. You need to eat foods that are rich in vitamin D. Although your body can generate vitamin D on its own when you are exposed to the early morning sun, you may not have access to the sun all the time, so you can get vitamin D from milk and yogurt as well.

3. Eat whole-grain foods including nuts and beans. They carry the essential nutrients that will give you healthy bones. You can also eat soybeans.

However, don’t eat processed foods because they won’t provide the natural nutrients your bones need.

Anytime you go to the supermarket to buy foods, make sure you always check the label and see if they contain vitamin D and calcium

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