5 Foods That Can Help In Improving Men’s Sexual Health

Most food men take contributes to their overall health in some specific ways and one unexpected way you can improve your se-xu-al health is through certain diets. The foods we eat provide the building blocks we need to power our body, including the pen-is and other se-xu-al organs.

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You can fill your day with nutritious whole foods that help your blood deliver the nutrients your male private organ, prostate, and others need to function optimally. Whether you have a concern about low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction (ED), or prostate health, certain foods can help boost your se-xu-al health and also function effectively.

However, according to Healthline, here below are 5 food that can help in improving men’s sexual health;

1. Spinach

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It is a known blood flow booster and rich in folate. Typically, folic acid plays a critical role in male se-xu-al function. Low blood folic acid levels have been linked to erectile dysfunction in men. Spinach also contains a fair amount of magnesium, which is known to also help stimulate blood flow and may boost testosterone levels.


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One major advantage that apple has pertains to prostate health. Apple peels, in particular, contain the active compound called “ursolic acid.” According to a healthline publication, one test-tube study carried out has noted that ursolic acid may “starve” prostate cancer cells and prevent them from growing thereby improving men’s health.

3. Avocado

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They are rich in vitamin E, which may also help in improving sperm quality in men with infertility. Be aware that, a medium avocado also contains zinc, which is an essential mineral with roles in sperm quality, testosterone production, and fertility.


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They are known to increase sperm counts and They have long been recommended for male infertility in traditional medicine as well. Research publication by Healthline also has it that, carrot may improve both sperm count and motility (the movement and swimming of sperm) due to the carotenoid content contained in it.

5. Tomatoes

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This veggie is known to contain lycopene, which is a red-pigmented antioxidant that has been linked to healthier sperm production. In addition, they are also rich in vitamin C, which may be linked to increased sperm concentrations in healthy men.

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