4 Dangers of Smoking Cigarettes That You Should Be Aware Of

Cigarettes cause a variety of negative health impacts. Some of these can have life-threatening consequences. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking cigarettes raises the risk of death from all causes, not only those related to tobacco use. Other negative impacts of smoking are highlighted below in accordance with MedicalNewsToday.

1. Lung Damage

Because a person breathes in not only nicotine but also several other substances, smoking cigarettes has an impact on lung health. Cigarettes have been linked to a significant increase in the risk of lung cancer. Cigarette smoking also increases the chance of getting and dying from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (COPD). According to the American Lung Association, smoking is responsible for 80% of COPD deaths.

2. Heart Disease

Cigarette smoking is harmful to the heart, blood arteries, and blood cells. Cigarette smoke contains chemicals and tar that can raise a person’s risk of atherosclerosis or plaque buildup in the blood arteries. This buildup restricts blood flow and can result in life-threatening clots. Smoking also raises the risk of peripheral arterial disease (PAD), a condition in which the arteries in the arms and legs constrict and impede blood flow.

3. Fertility Problems

Cigarette smoking can harm a woman’s reproductive system, making it more difficult to conceive. This could be because tobacco and other chemicals in cigarettes alter hormone levels. The more cigarettes a person smokes and the longer they smoke, the greater the risk of erectile dysfunction in men. Smoking has been shown to impair fertility by lowering the quality of sperm.

4. Unhealthy Skin and Hair

Tobacco use can harm a person’s skin and hair. A smoker’s skin may appear wrinkled and prematurely aged. They also had a higher risk of skin cancer, “particularly on the lips,” according to the research. Tobacco-scented hair and skin can result from smoking. It can also cause baldness and hair loss.

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