5 Common Causes Of Poor Performance in Men During Intimacy

Underperformance in men during intimacy can be a result of anxiety, which can lead to low self-esteem in the affected individual. This should not be the case for any man, as it can lead to mental and physical derailment. Personal fears and concerns about a partner’s expectations are two key causes.

You may underperform due to performance anxiety and tension over how you want to fulfill your partner during lovemaking. So, in this post, I’ll discuss some of the factors that can contribute to men’s poor intimate performance.

Here are some factors that may have an impact on men’s health.

1. Body image: One of the reasons why this may occur in men is due to their partner’s body image. When a man is picky about his body type and meets someone who is the polar opposite, it can have an impact on his performance.

2. Private Organ Size: When a man believes his private organ isn’t big enough, he may have low self-esteem, which can lead to intimate underperformance.

3. Male virility perceptions: This refers to a man’s preference for procreation over lovemaking. If a man does not value lovemaking, it will show in his performance during lovemaking.

4. Gender roles during lovemaking: Gender roles during lovemaking can be a significant turn-off. A male may desire his lady to play an active role in lovemaking, but she may not want to because she is a woman.

5. Relationship issues: When partners are having problems in their relationship, it can cause a significant turn-off and, as a result, men’s performance during intimacy suffers.

These are some of the most common reasons for men’s poor intimate performance. The majority of these are concerned with a man’s mentality.

If you see this for an extended period, you should seek medical assistance on how to resolve the situation.

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