I once slept with a follower to get this 3 things woman shares this on social media

The painful thing about life is that you will never understand something if you have never been in the same situation. There are girls out there who are called names only because they did things that other people don’t approve of. Some people won’t understand the pain of doing something you don’t want to, but only because you don’t have a choice you end up doing it.

Sometimes being a woman can be tough because there are men out there who take advantage of women, especially those who have money. They think they can get away with anything by making women do things they don’t want to do, but only because they want money they end up doing it.

A lady shared on her social media account that she once slept with a follower just for 6 brutal fruit, pizza, and R100 for a bolt.

After posting this, people started commenting, but some of the comments were not nice at all. As people started saying they are disappointed with her as they didn’t expect her to do something like this. While someone else said it’s unlike her to do something like this just to get those things.

Social media people are judgments that’s why you find that some people don’t like sharing their business on social media. For this lady to share something like this on social media means she wanted to talk about it but then we have people who will judge you without even thinking twice.

People don’t understand that sometimes for something not to bother you anymore you have to share it with someone. But the lady chose the wrong place to share this kind of information. She was desperate at the time she did this, but that’s all in her past now and we can’t judge her for that.

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