How To Maintain A Healthy S£x Life

As published by VeryWellHealth, the benefits of maintaining your intercourse life as you get older are physical and emotional. Being sexually active is linked with a lower risk of medical issues and a longer life. It’s also linked with a higher sense of happiness and overall well-being.

Ways of maintaining a healthy intercourse life are;

1. Communicate

Good intercourse begins with proper communication. Partners who have been together a long time most times think they are aware of what the other is thinking. However, no one reads the mind of another.

Speak with your partner about any concerns you have. You may feel as though your partner is no longer attracted to you as intercourse has become infrequent, when in fact they are passing through a decline in sexual interest.

Furthermore, as intercourse organs change with age, what felt good before may no longer feel good or may become painful. Open up with your partner about these changes.

2. Redefine Intercourse

Intercourse, as you age, may need to change. However, different can still be good, if not better. With an empty nest and possibly retirement, there’s more time and privacy to explore.

Studies had revealed that older adults have a broader definition of sexual activity than younger adults. To put it differently, they better understand that there is more to intercourse.

Be creative and try new things.

3. Rethink Intimacy

Intercourse isn’t just physical. It’s an emotional expression of intimacy. As you age, intimacy changes. What this means to you and your partner may need to be redefined.

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