“Goodbye world “- A lady pens down a suicide note that left everyone in tears

Laura Benginkosi penned down and posted a suicide note that left everyone in tears and it’s scary how a lot of people relate to what she said. Some people said what she wrote is how they feel and some even said she took words out of their months. People are going through a lot. Fortunately a friend rushed to her house after seeing her post on twitter and she was rushed to the hospital. She is alive.

“I tried to overdose on antidepressants, a friend came over and managed to inform my family a few minutes after I shared my letter. I am currently in the hospital just for the evening. I am still here . Thank you for your kindness and I’m sorry for the drama I’ve caused , it’s really embarrassing.” She said.

“She penned down everything I would have ever said. I hope she’s okay.” Said @Mbali.

“The way I can relate to this is scarier than I can truly admit it.” Said @Ivetnao

This is Laura’s suicide letter;

“Journey safely into your new realm sisi. I’m very sorry this world and the people in it could not provide you with the love and peace you deserve. When you arrive at your transition destination, I hope you find all that you longed for.” Said @Gabee_Nh.



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