RIP: A Lady Died After 10 Minutes Illness. Here Is What Happened To Her

The way young people are dying is very scary. Each day we learn about the killing and shooting. People are dying each day passes by and it’s sad that we will never know the truth.

Mzansi were left heartbroken after hearing about the death of a young and innocent girl. Mzansi could not help but to feel the pain that the family has been going through a lot. The suddenly death of this young girl left everyone talking in social media. A 28-year-old young lady who has been identified as Lungu Tembo has passed away. Lunga Tembo was a Nurse of Kusaka Hospital. It was reported thus morning that she passed away after she had 10 minutes illness.

The lady has just died just lie that. One of spokesperson who came through speak said that she was happy and she was singing gospel song and she prepare herself and her husband’s lunch box. Mza si cannot get to the fact the wake up find and singing before the accident. A source revealed that she was able to jogg that morning u til she started experiencing headache.

She did not made it to work after it was later reported tha she asked away after she’s experiencing headache. It’s to her family and also for her husband who now have to be a mother and father at the same time. Her two kids that she left behindthey will never.

This is really heartbreaking. She was very beautiful just to tell on her picture, our condolences to the family. Let’s send our condolences to her husband and children who are going through some gard time. It’s not easy to busy, they need strength and the energy.

May Her Soul Rest in Peace

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