Young woman commits suicide after finding that boyfriend is cheating on her with another woman

Some people find it hard to admit when a relationship is no longer the same. Remember not all of us come into a relationship in need of a life partner, however we give love regardless until that time comes when one needs to find a life partner.

That could be you am with or someone outside our relationship. Sad part is that people do not admit when someone they are with is trying to move on, instead of understanding one end up causing havoc and hurting more than one person. A young lady made headlines on social media after taking her life for a man. It is alleged that she found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

Instead of trying to understand the reason behind his cheating lady committed a suicide leaving her family members in pain. While that guy is busy having fun outside with another woman, our sisters are slowly losing it. If it’s not men attacking them, it is them ending their lives. Who is to blame now, leave your comments below and please don’t forget to share the article.

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