Normal time intercourse should last

Many people have their opinions when it comes to the duration of intimacy. Some people believe that any intimacy below 5 minutes is considered a problem and above 15 minutes can be interpreted as abnormal. But whichever way it is important to know the average time that is considered normal and natural for men to stay during lovemaking.



According to “Healthline”, there are many reasons why you might not last as long as you may want to during lovemaking. At some point or another in your life. A lot of people experience this sentiment. However, you could be experiencing performance anxiety, stress, early discharge, or erectile dysfunction if you find it difficult to get or maintain a hard-on during intercourse. Below is the average time intercourse should last according to experts.

Over the years, therapists in the United States and Canada were asked to estimate the average duration of intercourse within different categories and it was estimated to be the following form.

1. Any intimacy under 3 minutes consents to a medical concern

2. Secondly, intimacy from 3–7 minutes is proper

3. Intercourse from 7–13 minutes is desirable. But if perhaps it goes beyond that level, it is considered too long.

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