Leave her if She is Doing this 5 Things to You

Unexplained time when she’s unavailable


Your woman will occasionally vanish from view. You can’t reach her by phone, her messages aren’t getting through, and she won’t even bother to let you know she’s okay on a regular basis, and this happens all the time.

If she can’t explain why this happens on a regular basis, chances are she’s spending time with other guys who she finds more beneficial to hang out with.

That woman does not deserve a single second of your attention. Move on, my brother, if you want to save yourself some trouble.

2. She saves your name different in her phone


If you’re unlucky, she may have saved your name as a woman’s name or something like plumber, carpenter, delivery guy, or something similar.

How do you know she saved your name, my friend? Call her and see what name comes up one of these random days when you’re together to catch her off guard. If something unexpected happens, you’re her go-to guy, my friend.

3. She plays hide and seek


This is the biggest red flag when it comes to women. You never see her when you want to; she only shows up when she needs something from you.

You will never be able to set a date with her or even see her because everything must be done on her time. This means that other guys or people on the schedule take precedence over you.

4. She never posts you on social media


If you’re with a woman who, for no apparent reason, refuses to post you on her social media, even on your birthday. What are you doing in that relationship if you can get five minutes of fame on her WhatsApp status, DP, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms? You are neither an illegal product nor a wanted criminal.

Even if it’s not your thing, if it’s something your partner wants or will make them feel more secure in the relationship, it won’t hurt to make that small sacrifice for the sake of peace.

5. She is flirting with every guy


She flirts with everyone, whether you’re present or not. It’s even worse if you’ve warned her beforehand, but she doesn’t seem to mind. You don’t require a woman who is constantly manipulating your emotions.

A flirtatious woman can be dangerous. It’s only a matter of time before the guy she’s flirting with reciprocates, which could quickly escalate to something else.

If your partner is a big flirt and you’ve tried everything to get their attention and let them know it’s making you uncomfortable, but they won’t stop, it’s time to let go.

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