Can The Habit of Masturbation Be Stopped?


Most people who indulge in the act of regular masturbating, do think it cannot be stopped. However, the act can be stopped because more of it, comes with side effects like skin irritation, edema, and others.

According to MedicalNewsToday, the act of regular masturbating can be stopped if you practice the below tips.

1. One can stop indulging in the act if he or she can avoid watching adult movies, or visiting some adult websites because those act can stir up the desire to do it (masturbate).

2. If you find yourself in the act more often, then try to avoid alone moments by engaging yourself in helpful activities that can occupy your alone moments, and this will help lessen the thoughts that may come in.

3. You can as well seek for attention from professionals who can help, spend more time with people, also feel free to join support groups to help keep you busy at all times, and cut off your bored moments.

4. Lastly, if you want to stop the bad habit of indulging in the act, then always try different types of exercise to help release endorphins and also promote the healthy feelings of well-being, and this can positively help your overall health as well.

Conclusion: Below are the healthy ways you can stop the act of masturbation. Therefore, the habit can be stopped, if you follow the above healthy steps.

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