What To Do After Sex To Stay Healthy

Intercourse is defined as an intimate relationship that exists between a male and a female. It is an act that aid reproduction and pleasure, however, there are so many things people do before and after intercourse which are not in any way support their health and well-being.



Over the years, medical professionals have found that adopting certain tips may help you avoid some infections and increase your health. In this piece in line with a publication on “Webmd”, we are going to have some looks at the things you should and shouldn’t do after engaging in intercourse. They include.

Empty Your Bladder

This should be the first thing to do after you have intercourse with your partner. It is healthy for men and women. However, this is because, during intercourse, bacteria can get into your urethra, the tube that carries urine out of your body. Thus, it can increase your risk of infections, but by urinating you can flush out germs.

Drink a Glass of Water

Drinking water after intimacy is very sacrosanct because it enables you to urinate often and also keeps you hydrated. Water can also help you to regain your strength back after intimacy. Your kidneys as well need water to function effectively.

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