Learn how to increase your male organ with this amazing seed

How to increase your micro male organ:

Many men, especially the fat ones amongst them feel shy and complain bitterly that their machine for bedroom practices is small and can not satisfy their partners.

Male organs are of different sizes and shapes, we have the big ones, small ones, medium size ones, curvy ones etc

Our emphasis will be on the small sized male organ which is generally called the micro male organ. Having a small male organ can be very disgraceful, it also makes bedroom practices boring and uninteresting.

How to remedy the situation:

….Get an alligator pepper

….Get an Aframonum Melegueta Stick

How to use:

All you can do with these items is to chew them. With this, your male organ will increase in size.

Note: Don’t chew these items excessively, once you reach your target, stop chewing them immediately, to avoid being excessively big.
Image credited to Gosiora Greens n Grains
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