Reasons to stop contacting an ex

Reasons to stop contacting ex

It takes a lot of effort to heal from a broken relationship where “breakfast” (a breakup) has been duly served. Emotional healing takes deliberate effort, regardless of who broke the relationship. The suffering partner might be ready to make things right by talking it out with their partner or trying to fix the situation.

Most people believe that even if a relationship is broken, it can still end in friendship. The truth is that it ends up being a painful and bitter experience. There are no good reasons to stay friends with your ex, it would only destroy your new relationship and cause more harm than good. The sooner you break contact with your ex, the better and faster you will heal.

In this article, you will find other reasons you should stop contacting your ex.

1. You won’t heal

Breakups are usually more harmful, especially when you have sacrificed your time, emotions, resources, and your entire self to the relationship. It is normal to feel sad, depressed, angry, and even live in denial at first. It is part of your recovery process, but consistently contacting your ex or previous partner will hinder your healing process.



Most people go as far as calling their ex consistently or stalking them on their social media accounts to know how they are faring. This will only hurt you more and prevent you from accepting the fact that the relationship no longer exists.

2. It limits new energy or relationship 

If you are still in contact with your ex, you will definitely still devote your time, energy, and resources to the relationship. It hinders you from being open to other relationships. It makes you build a wall of defense that becomes impenetrable to other constructive and reliable relationships. This is because you are still hanging on to the previous relationship.

It also saps your energy meant for new experiences when you call or try to contact your ex.

3. It ridicules you

Most ex-partners, after breaking up with you, move on to new relationships or even better life dealings. Making contact with them reduces your self-worth because it makes you appear desperate. You might end up being insulted or even hurt by their new partner.

4. It will frustrate you

Seeing your ex with a new partner can frustrate you or make you depressed. This makes you more miserable and dejected. Staring at their pictures or stalking them on social media hurts you more and makes you uncomfortable.

If you don’t stop making contact with your ex, you might end up making decisions that would hurt you or people around you.

5. It triggers unhealthy emotions

Sometimes our minds have ways of disguising ulterior motives by making them look like innocent aims. Stay true to yourself.

Being friends with your ex will trigger emotions and feelings that are unhealthy since you have both agreed to part ways.

6. It brings back memories

Talking to your ex increases the chances of you remembering the good things you had together in the past. This might restrict you from having fulfillment in your new relationship. This is because you would use those memories as a standard against which to compare your new memories.

Your exes are called that for a reason. It is very important that you put the past behind you and forge ahead for new life experiences. While doing this, make sure you avoid being served breakfast again. Life has a lot more to offer than hanging on to someone when there are millions of people in the world.

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