The Best Age to Get Married According to Mathematics

There are plenty of theories about when the best time to get married is, but science has its own offering.


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For years, divorce research led us to believe that marrying later is related to lower odds of divorce.

But according to a study there is a perfect age to get married to your loved one.

When is the best time to get married?


According to research and data, some ages are better than others to tie the knot and there are ages that seem predestined for divorce.

A study suggests that people should get married between the ages of 28 and 32 if they don’t want to get divorced, at least in the first five years.

As per the study, there are lots of reasons why late 20s/early 30s would make sense as a time to start a lifelong partnership with someone: people are old enough to understand if they really get along with someone or are just blinded by hormones.


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That’s not all. Marrying after 32 means your chances of divorce would increase by 5% every year.

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