How Long Does It Take A Man’s Body To Produce New Sperms ?

You may see no reason in having basic knowledge about your sperm and sperm count until you begin to have difficulties in getting your wife pregnant. Your sperm count reduces after every ejaculation (release) which may cause infertility. This has made men to often wonder how long it takes to form new ones


Your body produces sperms everyday but it takes 64 hours before they mature and fertilization of egg can occur. So as a man trying to get his wife pregnant, you should avoid ejaculation for 1 week before your next attempt. In this article, I’ll like to educate on how long it actually takes for your sperm to regenerate and how that can affect your fertility according to Healthline

1. How long does spermatogenesis take ?

Spermatogenesis is the entire process where sperms are produced and reach maturity. This process takes about 64 days. Per day, the body produces millions of sperms (about 1500 per sec). You may think this is too much but a man release up to 300 million sperm cells in a single milliliter of semen.


2. How does this affect you as a man ?

You should know that it will be easier for your partner to conceive if you haven’t had a release in a while. You need to your reproductive gametes store up in your body inorder to increase your chances of becoming a father.

3. How to increase your chances of conception



1. You and your partner should try waiting a few days between ejaculation before trying to conceive.

2. You can also increase your chances by abstaining from release the week before your partner ovulates which is the period where a woman is most fertile.

3. Avoid frequent release which can lower your sperm count. This can make it difficult to get your partner pregnant especially if you start making attempts after her ovulation has ended


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