What To Do Immediately If A Fish Bone Sticks To Your Throat

When a fish bone becomes lodged in the throat, the patient may experience pain, coughing, and even blood spitting according to an article written by Healthline. That is a bad situation that calls for prompt action. You should get the bone out of your neck.

1. Carbonated beverages are the fastest to consume. A carbonated beverage will displace the fish bone in your throat due to the pressure of the gas contained within the beverage. Thus doing should help you get it down easily.

2. In case you happen upon a piece of bread or some other solid food item, you can simply gulp it down. Doing so may facilitate the process of relocating the bones into the stomach. Immediately after taking it, you should wash it down with water. Gargling with salt water or taking cough medicines can also help alleviate throat pain according to studies.

3. Do not try to talk or make any sounds if a fish bone suddenly becomes caught in your throat. A deep breath, a backward tilt of the head, and a vigorous cough should do the trick.

In this way, the bone can be pushed up and out of the throat. The back of your throat can be scratched with a finger when you cough, too.

4. Grab some bananas and eat them. Bananas can snag fish bones and force them further down your gullet. You could try eating an apple or orange, or any other fruit high in citric acid. Their acidity can break down fish bones, making them simpler to swallow and less likely to cause any discomfort in the throat.

5. Calm down. Panicking won’t help, especially if you’ve just eaten anything spicy.

Let your guard down, and don’t let the spiciness of your meal travel up your throat. Honey or olive oil can be licked or ingested. In doing so, you will be able to more easily swallow the fishbone as the lubrication will help to smooth its passage through your throat according to studies.

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