3 Bitter Secrets About Men You Should Know

Men go through a lot of things that are hardly noticeable by their female counterpart. They have got family to feed, rent to pay, children school fees to pay and many more. All this put together is enough to send them crazy and psychologically mad. But still they toil all day to meet their daily needs.

1. Men are secret experts as they hardly share everything going about them with people. And when they do, just know they love you and consider you special. Don’t be deceived that men got no feelings or problems. They do is just that they always keep it to themselves and will only share it to those they placed highly in their heart.

2. Men unlike women tend to understand things better before acting. If you don’t call or text them they will try to reason along. But women on the other hand will always try to take things negatively. They will be like so you are now seeing another woman and she is no longer wanted. No men aren’t like that.

3. Men tend to forgive quickly. Unlike women they are ready to hold that grudge for years to come. They will do all it takes to make sure they keep malice and ignore your presence. But men aren’t like that. They tend to forgive and forget immediately. They don’t hold grudges on people most expecially ladies.

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