3 Health Conditions That Affect Your Sex Life.

Being intimate with your partner is one of the vast pleasures people have. However, a long-term health issue can make intimacy less pleasurable.

According to WebMD, possible medical conditions that affect your intimacy life include;

1. Chronic Pain

It’s difficult to think about intimacy, let alone do it if you feel the pain that won’t stop. If your medications don’t help in controlling your pain well, a health expert may require to change the dose or switch medications. Or the medicine may be the issue. Some pain medications have side effects on intimacy because they affect the nervous system.

2. Arthritis

Sore joints and other symptoms that indicate you have arthritis can cramp your intimacy life. But you can still be intimate and comfortable if you think ahead. In doing this you have to:

• Plan intimacy for the time of the day when you normally feel your best.

• Take your pain medicine at least thirty minutes beforehand.

• Support your joints with pillows or rolled sheets.

• Use massage to soothe sore muscles and joints.

• Nap before intimacy if tiredness is an issue.

3. Loss of Bladder Control

This happens more common in older people, especially women. Extra pressure on your stomach during intimacy may make your urine leak. You may avoid intimacy. Try alternating positions and going to the bathroom before having intercourse. Also, you can talk to your doctor, as treatment usually can be helpful.

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