3 Health Risks Of Having Sex With Animals

Here are three health risks that are associated with having sex with animals.

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1. Rabies

According to “healthline.com”, rabies is a viral disease that comes from dogs. It can be considered to be fatal in humans. This disease can be transmitted via the saliva of dogs, horses and cats. If the symptoms of rabies setting on a human, there are little chances of survival if not treated properly.

2. Injury

It is important to note that the reproductive organs of lower animals are not designed by nature to fit into that of a woman, or a man. Having sex with animals can cause your rectum to rupture. Indulging in a hormone sandwich with a dog, horse or cow can lead to severe injuries that will require corrective surgery.

3. Leptospirosis

According to “healthline.com” this disease is derived from the urine of animals like dogs and cats. When found in the human system, it can cause severe meningitis. Other than the fact that having sex with an animal is a crime against nature, and an actual crime, bestiality can be deadly and fatal.

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