3 Reasons For Brittle Nails

Brittleness of the nails means that the nails easily become cracked, chipped, split, or peeled, which can be observed as a sign of aging or in response to the long-term use of nail polish or exposure to moist conditions (including frequent swimming or dishwashing). When speaking about reasons for brittle nails there are a million and one causes.
Paying attention to not just your face but your nails is very important and definitely makes your beauty look complete. Having brittle nails can be uncomfortable because nobody wants to have their nails breaking or peeling just like that. So here 3 reasons for brittle nails;
Nails commonly change as people age, often becoming dull and brittle. While toenails commonly get thicker and harder, fingernails often become thinner and more brittle. But irrespective of this, if you make use of a moisturizer and take care to protect your fingers and toes nails then you are good to go.
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Iron deficiency
When you don’t eat a good diet there is bound to be a problem and not just on the inside but on the outside. Iron deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t get enough iron, which leads to low red blood cell levels. Your doctor may measure your ferritin level and provide supplementation if it’s found to be low. This in turn is one of the reasons for brittle nails. Hence to curb this, ensure to not have too much or too little but enough iron in your diet and supplements.
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Too Much Moist
This is one of the most common reasons for brittle nails. It has been proven and shown that when your hands spend too much time in water they become soft and break easily. Indulging in activities like washing, any and everything that involves water or moisture can cause this. 

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