3 Reasons Men Should Have Hairy Penis

Some men have pubic hair growing on the skin around their hipbones. If you notice a lot of hair growing below your belly and above your external male reproductive organ, this is not something that should bother you.

You may not have plenty of hair growth in other parts of your body except in this particular portion. You may be thinking of shaving them off, but these hairs grow there for a purpose. You can just groom it and allow it to perform its function.

According to Healthline, below are the reasons why you need a hairy penis:

1. When a man gets to a stage where his reproductive glands become functional, pubic hair can benefit his general well-being. It shields the surface of his skin from scratches.

The pubic hair will serve as an object that protects your skin from any scratches against your clothes. It can protect you against friction during physical intimacy with your partner.

2. Leaving your pubic hair unshaved can help you reduce your risk of being infected with a disease during physical intimacy. If you shave your pubic hair, there will be little wounds that can open your skin to infection.

When you shave your pubic hair, some of the hairs might pull out from the root, and tiny holes in your skin can allow the passage of transmitted diseases.

3. You won’t have skin problems around your pubic since the hair will be there to cover your skin. However, if you shave it off completely during the process of regrowing, you are likely to have some thick, curly hairs growing abnormally back into your skin.

This can cause bumps or skin irritations like itchiness. Just ensure that you maintain your hair as it is. You can groom it by cutting the edges, but shaving everything off is not healthy for you.

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