3 Reasons Why You Should Eat Waterleaf Soup Regularly

Several vegetables all over the world serve as both green leafy vegetables, condiments, herbs, spices and flavourings. Waterleaf is one of the most common vegetables in Nigeria. It is called Gbure in Yoruba and Mgbolodi in Igbo. Scientifically named Talinum triangulare,Β It is an all-season vegetable that is extensively grown in many countries in Asia, South America, Central America, and West Africa though it is native to the Americas and Caribbeans.

Waterleaf contains lots of water and nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, crude fibre, lipids and others which make them highly medicinal.

In this article base on facts and findings on WebMd, here are health reasons why you should consume waterleaf regularly.

It promotes heart health

Waterleaves, when consumed daily, perform a key role in maintaining the cardiovascular system. It helps to keep the heart healthy by regulating the heart’s activities and reducing the risk of related heart diseases and stroke by adequately supply of blood and oxygen to the needed areas.

It helps regulate blood sugar level

According to Mayoclinic, consuming water leaf also helps diabetic patients as it regulates blood sugar levels in the body. Most of the staple foods consumed have glucose as their end product. Eating this vegetable helps you stick to a balanced diet and helps you to be fresh while you are conscious about your health.

It improve the production of blood cells

The crude protein contained in waterleaf is an important supplement both in quality and nutritional perspective which play a very important role in the human blood cell. It generally helps in improving both the red and white blood cells.

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