3 Reasons Why You Should Flee Away From Anal Sex


People who indulge in anal intimacy, don’t know the dangers of indulging in it.

However, this article will reveal some health dangers of anal intimacy, which is linked to the reasons why you should flee from it, as sourced from Healthline.

1. One of the major reasons why you should avoid anal intimacy is because when you are into it, you are at higher risk of contracting some STIs like HIV and other deadly diseases.

Anal intimacy gives room for contracting deadly diseases, which is a major reason why you should flee from it.

2. Another reason why you should avoid anal intimacy is that it can cause you to suffer from colon perforation, which is one of the greatest side effects of such act.

3. Avoid anal intimacy because it can lead to bleeding and pains after or during copulation because such type of intimacy can lead to suffering from anal fissures because the body tissues in your anus are overstretched.

Conclusion: The above listed are the dangers of indulging in anal intimacy, which is why you must flee from it to save yourself from those health dangers.

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