39-year-old woman seeks husband, offers to sponsor wedding –

A 39-year-old woman takes matters into her own hands to search for a husband as she offers to sponsor the wedding.

The woman took to social media to cry out and lament over her prolonged single status.

Woman in search of husband.

In a video that the lady shared on social media, she stated that she has been single for long and doesn’t want to continue the same way.

She pleaded for a husband, stating that she would soon get to menopause and wouldn’t like to be single when she does.

In a deesperate plea, the lady offered to sponsor the wedding herself, while asking men who are interested to approach her.

“I need a husband, I’m tired of singleness. I am 39-years-old. Very soon I will enter menopause. Please I need a husband in my life. No matter what you are doing, I am going to marry you,” she said in part.

@Onlineguru_ wrote: “Everything na cruise for this App

Na brain resetting sl@p she need no be husband”

@Amy_beke advised: “Just adopt”

@Dostronicss commented: “This is gething serious day by day”

@plataaoplom0 remarked: “E Dan later clear 👍
Nice 1″

@dough_nald wrote: “Nawao! We have a very serious issue on our hands”

@itsAce_Milla stated: “Abeg give me her number, I be plumber 👨‍🔧😂”

Watch video below …

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