4 Categories Of Drugs That Can Distort Your Sex Life

Despite the benefits drugs offer to the body when consumed, research has shown that some drugs can alter and affect your intercourse life. According to Medicine Net, some of these medications include;

. Antihypertensive

Despite antihypertensives being healthy for cardiovascular health, research has shown that they are notorious for negatively affecting the ability to achieve a hard-on.

. Alpha-Blockers

Alpha-Blockers are good for treating prostatic obstruction but they can affect a man’s intercourse life. Research has shown that there can decrease blood flow to the male organ and therefore worsen erectile dysfunction.


Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are used to treat depression but they can cause delayed discharge and the time it takes to attain a peak.

. Advanced Prostate Cancer Drugs

Research has shown that advanced prostate cancer drugs can decrease the urge for intimacy by lessening the amount of male reproductive hormones produced. Everyone should seek medical help about these medications before taking them.

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