4 Foods Stomach ulcer Patients Should Not Eat To Aid Recovery

Some foods can assist to stop ulcers from developing or support them to heal faster, and some have the direct opposite effect.

According to “Healthline”, ulcers patients that are trying to treat their stomach ulcers or prevent them from developing should consider limiting their consumption of the foods that follow;

1. Milk:

Though it was once recommended to help decreases stomach acidity and relieve pain, new research has shown that milk promotes the secretion of stomach acid and should not be consumed by those with ulcers.

2. Alcohol:

Alcohol intake can create damage to the stomach and digestive tract, increasing the possibility of ulcers.

3. Coffee and soft drinks: Coffee and soft drinks are decafs, they can improve the production of stomach acid, which can irritate the stomach lining.

4. Spicy and fatty foods:

Excess spicy or fatty foods can cause feelings of irritation in some people. Chili peppers are not part of it, based on personal tolerance.

To add more to avoiding the aforementioned foods, eating small meals regularly, snacking throughout the day, eating slowly, and chewing your food well may assist to decrease pain and improve healing. More so, preventing smoking and decreasing stress are two additional useful anti-ulcer strategies.

Stomach ulcers patients should ensure not to consume the identified foods in the article to increase their healing process.

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