4 Foods That Can Make You Live Longer According To Research

What you eat can either make or mar you. This is why you need to eat healthy food all the time. Getting addicted to junk and processed foods lead to malnutrition or insufficient nourishment.

Not having sufficient nutrients in the body is the cause of illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, obesity and so on, which are liable to shorten the lifespan of people.

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This is why you need to always eat healthy foods, especially natural plant foods, which are capable of restoring health and vitality.

One way to live a healthy and long life is by eating nutrient-dense foods.

This is why this article will show you some healthy foods that have been associated with longevity according to Verywellhealth.com.

1. Beans

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Consuming beans every day will help stabilize your blood sugar and also protect against colon cancer. Beans is the most nutrient-dense starch source, and it acts as anti-diabetes and weight-loss food.

This is because beans are digested slowly, and this process blunts the rise in blood glucose after meals and reduces food-cravings.

Research has it that eating beans, peas or lentils twice a week can decrease colon cancer risk by 50 percent.

2. Salad greens

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Even though a lot of people love salad, not a lot of people know how effective the food is when it comes to healthiness.

Raw/leafy green vegetables contain less than 100 calories per pound. This makes them ideal food for weight control.

If you are obsessed or plus-sized trying to lose weight, you should get used to salad.

Larger salads reduced calories more than smaller ones.

Aside from weight control, greater intake of raw vegetables or salad reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes.

3. Mushrooms

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Consuming mushrooms decreases your chances of having breast cancer. This is because mushrooms contain aromatase inhibitors, compounds that inhibit the production of estrogen, white and portobello.

Mushrooms are also associated with slowed cancer cell growth and prevention of DNA damage.

Note: Mushroom should always be cooked before consumption as it contains agaritine (a substance that can cause cancer) but is reduced when cooked.

4. Onions and garlic

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Onions and garlic benefit the cardiovascular and immune systems as they also have anti-diabetic and anti-cancer effects.

The consumption of garlic is also associated with lower risk of prostrate cancers.

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