4 Reasons Why a Man May Not Be Able To Produce a Child

Infertility is a reproductive system disorder. It prevents a person from having children. It can affect both men and women. Male infertility indicates that a man’s reproductive system is malfunctioning. It means you won’t be able to start a family with your female partner and this condition in men are caused by the following factors as stayed by Everyday health.

1. Varicoceles

The most prevalent reason of infertility in males is a tangle of bothersome varicose veins in the scrotum, which causes an increase in temperature within the scrotum. The heat generated by the condition can interfere with sperm production, resulting in male infertility.

2. Semen Blockage

The tubes that sperm travel through can become obstructed at times. Blockage can be caused by repeated infections, surgery (such as vasectomy), edema, or developmental problems. It is possible to obstruct any section of the male reproductive tract. During ejaculation, sperm from the testicles cannot leave the body due to a blockage.

3. Low Sperm Count

A low sperm count, also known as oligozoospermia, occurs when a man’s sperm count is less than 15 million per millilitre of sperm. Low sperm counts might make it more difficult to conceive naturally, although successful pregnancies are still possible but it is mostly rare in some cases.

4. Undescended Testicles

A testicle that hasn’t shifted into its correct place in the sack of skin hanging below the penis (scrotum) before birth is known as an undescended testicle (cryptorchidism). An undescended testicle is uncommon in general, but it is common in prematurely born baby boys. It can also affect adults.

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