4 Reasons Why Men Should Eat Walnuts Regularly You Should Take Note Of

One of the major reasons why some men do not live old and grey is their negligence towards their health. As a man, you should make it your priority to cultivate habits that will help you live a long and healthy life. One of these habits is eating good foods.

An example of healthy beneficial food is walnut. Walnuts are filled with a surplus amount of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre. They offer benefits for men who have fertility issues, diabetes, heart problems and obesity etc. In this article, I’ll like to enlighten men on the reasons why they should add walnuts to their diets according to Healthline

1. Reduces your risk of having type 2 diabetes

Men who are obese have high chances of developing diabetes and eating walnuts regularly will help to control their weight. Walnuts are also known to directly regulate blood sugar levels and hence is recommended for diabetes patients.

2. Lowers high blood pressure

Men who leave their high blood pressure untreated may get heart diseases and stroke. Walnuts help to regulate your blood pressure. Eating at least 28 grams of any nuts including walnut helps to improve your heart heart

3. Improves male reproductive health

According to research, eating walnuts helps to improve sperm health and male fertility. Many men still indulge in eating highly processed foods which decreases fertility. However, adding walnuts to your diet will help fight against the harmful effects of those junk food

4. Improved your brain functions

As we grow older, our brain functions may reduce but men who eat walnuts regularly have better brain function, memory speed and faster mental flexibility. Walnuts also contain nutrients which help to protect your body from inflammations

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