4 Reasons Why Your Breasts Hurt After You Take Off Your Bra

Breast pain is an uncomfortable experience that might occur due to certain reasons such as injuries, infections, pregnancy, and so on.

Some ladies experience breast pain after they take off certain bras and in this article, we would be taking a look at the reasons why you experience boobs pain after you take off your bra.

1. Your bra does not provide adequate support.

According to “Women’s health mag”, Bras are supposed to provide adequate support for the boobs and if they fail to carry out this task properly, your ligaments could stretch. Also while carrying out tedious activities like aerobics, you need to put on well-fitting bras to avoid sore feelings and pain afterward. Also whenever you get a new bra adjust the straps to fit you appropriately.

2. Wearing an extremely tight or small bra

Most ladies do not know their bra cup size which might make them opt for bras with smaller cups than their actual size. Doing this puts pressure on your boobs, which often leads to pain and discomfort.

3. The underwire of your bra can cause pain when it sticks out.

If you opt for underwire bras, make sure that the underwire does not stick out because it can lead to injury when you wear them. To avoid any form of discomfort, you can avoid wearing an underwire bra or you can simply fix the underwire of your bra if you notice it sticking out.

4. You wear ill-fitting or old bras.

According to “Healthline “, most ladies make the mistake of wearing old bras which are probably ill-fitting. After you wear a bra for too long, it begins to lose its elasticity, and will eventually cause it to lose its support. This can lead to boobs pain because the boobs won’t stay in place. So always try to replace your old bra with new ones to avoid breast pain.

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