4 Things You Should Be Freely Giving Your Husband If You Truly Love Him

Every married woman should make her husband’s happiness in the relationship her first priority.

A man’s happiness is an important factor for a long lasting relationship.

To achieve a perfect marriage relationship, there are things that a woman should never deny her husband no matter the situation, as doing so will not only potray them as irresponsible wives but also will negatively affect the matrimonial stability and existing harmony:


Every married man deserves to be respected by his wife even if his financial capabilities are lower than that of his wife.

Denying a man respect for whatever reason is failure on the side of a woman according to Ephesians 5: 33.

Living with a humble and submissive wife is the dream of every man.

2. The body.

Onother Impontant thing that a woman should not deny her husband is her body.

It is morally wrong for women to use their bodies to blackmail their husbands.

The bible, in 1 Corinthians 7 :4 says that a woman has no authority over her body but her husband.

Therefore, married women should satisfy their husband’s bedroom desires unconditionally as this is the foundation of a permanent marriage relationship.

3. Good meal.

Denying a man a good meal may propel him to search for his stomach satisfaction elsewhere and this may destroy the existing understanding between the two partners.

Women should keep in mind that the only way to reach a man’s heart is through the stomach.

If a woman decides to deny her husband a good meal, she should also start preparing to lose him to onother woman.


No matter how busy lifestyle a woman may find herself in, she should be wise enough to spare her precious time for her husband.

Spending time together as a couple strengthens the bonds between partners and promotes a healthy and happy matrimony.

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