5 Bad Habits That Make Diabetes Difficult To Control

Diabetics is a very chronic diseases and it currently has no actual cure, it can only be controlled. But, there are certain things you should do in other to control and still stay healthy. So, in line with WebMD, here are 5 habits that make diabetes difficult to control.


Here Are 5 Bad Habits That Make Diabetes Difficult To Control.

* Too Little Water: Taking a little amount of water each time you are tasty, could lead to difficulties, if you are suffering diabetes. When you are diabetic, your body looses more water than usual.

* Bad Timing: If you take insulin or other diabetes med, you also need to eat the exact amount of carbs at the same time everyday. But, if you are not on these meds, planning your meal could be a little easier. However, it’s very important not to skip breakfast because it could spike sugar level. Also, eating late at night could lead to high glucose in the morning.

* Bad Weather: Hot spells and cold snaps makes it alot difficult for your body to make use of insulin. In extreme weather, you need to check your sugar level more often than usual and also watch what you eat and drink.

Keep your insulin and glucose strips in a cool and dry place. In general, bad weather is not too good for a diabetic patient, whether cold or hot.

* Poor Sleep: Always try as much as possible to get a goodnight sleep because if you don’t, it could spike your blood sugar. When you are in a deep sleep, your body makes insulin and has trouble getting glucose into your cells.

A perfect 7 to 8 hours sleep helps insulin work at a perfect pace. So, don’t mess with your bodies internal clock, which also helps control glucose.

* Too Much Food: Portion control is very important to prevent blood spikes after meals. You may still eat some of the things you like, but not as much as you used to do. Whether you count carbs or divide your plate, try as much as possible to stick to the food your body needs.

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