5 Body Parts That People Don’t Wash Properly While Bathing, Which Can Cause Body Odor

Most people ignore certain parts of their bodies while bathing, which can lead to the accumulation of bacteria in those areas, resulting in body odor.

This omission may be due to the fact that they are hidden and go unnoticed while we bathe, but the effect may be noticed later.

In this article, we will highlight the body parts that deserve our attention when taking a bath.

1. The external ear (Auricle).

The outer ear, also known as the auricle, is not the inner part of the ear that we all clean with earbuds, and it receives little attention when we bat.

As a result, a lot of bacteria accumulate there, giving us an unpleasant odor when we whisper to some people.

2. In the space between our shoulder blades.

When we bat, this part of our body below our neck, which is also considered a part of our back, is barely noticed.

Water from the head may flow through this area, but few people consider it worthy of their time.

3. Between and beneath our feet

Most people wash their feet but forget to clean the spaces between their toes. In this act, men are the worst offenders.

Because of pedicure, women take care of this area. Their feet are properly cared for, but most men are not.

As a result, if some men remove their socks, you may not feel comfortable being there.

4. Knees at the back

Another area that goes unnoticed is the back of the knee. We all wash our legs, but no one pays attention to the back of the knee.

As a result, if you scrub that area of your body and smell it, you will notice what I mean.

5. Neck

We clean our necks every time we take a bath, but we don’t pay enough attention to the back of our necks.

Have you ever noticed that this area is always darker than the rest of your body?

We must remind ourselves of these unseen body parts. We don’t need special soap to wash them; all we need is to be aware of this oversight.

What other body part do you believe is overlooked?

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