5 Foods That Can Make You Taller or Maintain Your Height

it is very important you know that height is affected by several factors such as heredity, genes, and birth defects. In addition to some diseases, medications, and hormones, height may also be affected by nutrition and psychosocial factors.

Although height depends mainly on genetics, nutrition plays an important role in this. Poor nutrition may cause slow growth, which may cause short stature. That is why balanced nutrition and exercise are necessary for growth and reaching a normal height, especially during the teenage years.


Legumes such as beans are an important source of nutrients (especially protein) which in turn raises the levels of IGF-1-like growth factors, which are necessary growth hormones for children. In addition, beans contain good amounts of B vitamins, and iron, which help prevent anaemia caused by iron deficiency. Anaemia may cause growth retardation in children.


Chicken is characterized by being a good source of proteins along with other groups of essential nutrients, as it is rich in water-soluble vitamin B12 (which is necessary for growth). Chicken also contains taurine, an amino acid that regulates bone formation and growth.

Vegetables and fruits

The body needs a lot of vegetables and fruits daily to maintain good health. They help to increase growth due to their high content of vitamin A, and it is recommended to eat good amounts of spinach, papaya, cabbage, carrots, and sweet potatoes due to their ability to promote growth.


Salmon is a fatty fish which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are healthy fats necessary for growth and development and may help promote bone turnover, which helps growth. In addition, omega-3 deficiency causes sleep problems in children which negatively affects their development.


Milk is one of the foods rich in protein, calcium, phosphorous and vitamins B2, and B12. It may also contain probiotics, which are helpful bacteria that facilitate the health of the body.

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