5 Habits Of Some Men That Are Harmful To Their Penis

A man’s reproductive health can be jeopardized even if he is not affected with any transmitted diseases. This ailment could be linked to his poor food and lifestyle choices. To keep his penis healthy, a man must be aware of a number of things he should do on a regular basis. Some guys harm their penis in the following ways:

1. Some men do not keep their penis in good condition. After having physical closeness, they don’t wash it off. After a sweaty day, they don’t change out of their boxer briefs. White sebaceous glands on their penis may secrete as a result of this. This causes inflammation and redness in their foreskin as it accumulates over time.

2. They take erection-inducing drugs. If you aren’t a pharmacist or a medical expert, self-prescribing medications can be harmful. You should see a doctor to get tested, and they will prescribe the appropriate medication for you.

3. They consume high-sugar foods, which contribute to health issues such as diabetes and hypertension, as well as deterioration of their nervous systems. When a guy eats enough food to get all of the critical nutrients his body needs, he may develop diabetes or cardiovascular disease. His penis could be harmed as a result.

4. Some men are overworked and stressed to the point of erectile dysfunction. Some men’s infertility has been linked to this. 5. Some men don’t perform any medical tests to determine whether or not a woman is infected with any sexually transmitted diseases. They have sexual relations with them without using contraceptives.

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