5 Mistakes That Make Your Blood Pressure Reading High

The internet has exposed many more people to the importance of always tracking blood pressure levels by running frequent tests. This is will help you quickly take note of when your blood pressure is becoming too high and you can then seek medical assistance quickly. However, while checking blood pressure there are some actions you should avoid.

These actions or mistakes may make your results inaccurate, that is your blood pressure may appear to be higher than it is. Avoiding these mistakes will save you from unnecessary panicking and medication changes. In this article, I’ll like to enlighten you about mistakes you make that add points to your blood pressure reading according to WebMD

1. Not emptying your bladder; It is not advisable to do a blood pressure reading if your bladder is full as it will add 10 to 15 points to your blood pressure reading. You should try to ease yourself before getting a reading

2. Poor support for feet or back; Before taking your blood pressure reading, you should make sure that you support your back and feet properly. Not observing this can add 6 to 10 points to your blood pressure reading.

3. Crossing your legs; You should also avoid crossing your legs as this could add 2 to 8 points to your blood pressure reading. It is ideal to flatten your feet on the floor or footstool

4. Holding up your hands or hanging your hands by your side increases your pressure numbers by 10 points. Your hands should rest on a chair or counter

5. Your cuffs should not be over your clothes or too tight as this can increase your blood pressure reading by 5 to 50 points or 2 to 8 points respectively

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