5 Things Women Enjoy But Won’t Tell You

We all have things that interest us and put a smile on our faces. Doing this alone can light up our mood and make us have the best time ever.

Also, there are some things women enjoy that all men should know. Your woman might not tell you but as a man, it is your responsibility to know what makes your woman happy and then do it for her. Once you’re making your woman happy, the more her feelings for you will keep getting stronger and deeper.

Below are 5 things women enjoy but won’t tell you.

1. When you keep their company.

Seeing our loved ones around is enough to put a smile on our faces and make us happy. The type of feelings we feel when our loved ones are around us is usually one of the best feelings. Also, women enjoy it when their man keep their company. They enjoy it when their man is around them to cheer them up, have fun with them and keep their company when they’re bored. As a man, once you’re doing this, you’re making your woman happy without realizing it.

If you haven’t been keeping your woman’s company, you need to start doing that if you wish to keep your woman happy. Your presence is more important than any other thing.

2. When you call them often.

Another thing women enjoy is when you call them often. This shows you have them on your mind. As a man, that is why you should always call your woman most especially when you’re not around. This is another form of connecting with your partner without have physical contact with them.

3. When you spend and give them money.

Not all women are gold diggers as most people claim. It is a normal thing to spend and give your woman money. Truth be told, women enjoy it when a man spends and gives them money. I’m not saying you should steal or do dangerous things simply because you want to give your woman money. But make sure the little you have, you’re giving and spending it on her. Money is very important in every relationship and without it, you will find it hard to enjoy your relationship.

4. When you give them your attention.

Women are attention seekers, know this, and know peace. If you know you can’t give a woman your attention, don’t bother going into a relationship. It is one of the things women enjoy.

5. When you support and encourage them.

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