5 Things You Might Be Doing That Can Harm Your Kidneys

It is never too late to stop bad habits and these bad habits includes the ones that can endanger your kidneys. The kidneys function all the time to flush out poisonous substances from your blood and if they stop working, these toxic substances will remain in your blood and it can cause harm to you.

According to Web MD, these 3 mistakes can harm your kidneys without you even realizing it

1. Using pain killers excessively

Using painkillers too frequently can cause more harm than good to your kidneys. Frequently using painkillers can cause digestive problems, excessive fluid retention and increase in blood pressure. All these things can directly cause harm to your kidneys.

2. Not drinking enough water. 

The kidneys are highly sensitive to blood flow, this means that they need enough blood to function properly and when you’re not drinking enough water, your blood pressure reduces and blood flow to the kidney also reduces. This makes it harder for the kidneys to function properly. The kidneys also need water so that they can properly flush out the toxic substances out of the blood and keep you healthy.

3. Eating junk foods all the time.

Many processed foods are loaded with phosphorus and sodium and when these elements are excessive in your blood, you kidneys might begin to malfunction. If you want to help you kidneys to function optimally, you should reduce your intake of processed foods like hot dogs, sausages, pastries, margarine, processed meats, soda, burgers and canned foods.

4. Eating too much salt.

Excessive consumption of salt has been linked to high blood pressure and kidney failure, so you should reduce the amount salt you consume if you want your kidneys to function for a long time.

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5. Eating too much proteins. 

Eating too much proteinous foods all the time could harm your kidneys. This is particularly true if you already have kidney disease and you’re trying to manage it, it could make the condition worse.

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