5 Things You Need to Know Before Having Intercourse During Your Period

Even if you hate having intercourse during your menstruation, many men like it and are still doing it. Whether you do it or not, the fact still remains that many of us want to know some things about it, whether it is safe, comfortable or messy. According to Healthline, below are some things you should know before engaging in sexual activity while on your period.

1. Tummy cramps might be relieved by orgasms during your period.

Endorphins, which are released during intercourse, are thought to help with both physical intimacy and mental health. However, few people are aware that endorphins can assist in relieving period cramps in certain women. Orgasms have a number of qualities that help to relieve pain and cramping.

2. Intimacy in the final days of your menstruation will help to reduce the mess.

If you don’t want your intercourse to get nasty with all that blood, the best time to have intercourse is when your menstruation is almost over. The blood flow will be significantly reduced, and it will not get dirty. If you’re still unsure, you can always have intercourse on the floor to avoid staining your linens.

3. It is critical to be safe throughout this period.

When having intercourse during your period, it is critical that you utilize protection. You are more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections if you have intercourse during your period. The cervix is wider than usual during this time, putting you at greater risk of illness and infections. So make sure you’re safe every time you have intercourse during your period.

4. The penis is unaffected by menstrual blood.

Yes, even in 2022, some people still feel that menstrual blood is unclean. But believe us when we say that menstrual blood is completely harmless to the penis. Period blood is a mixture of healthy blood and blood no longer needed by the body. So don’t be concerned if your partnerโ€™s male organ has some of your menstrual blood on it.

5. It is possible to become pregnant.

Periods are not synonymous with intercourse without protection. Women with regular menstrual cycles are less likely to ovulate at this time. However, this does not always happen. Women have ovulated during their periods on numerous occasions. Because sperm can live for up to seven days, the odds of becoming pregnant are high. So, as we already stated, employ caution.

Above all, this is some of the most crucial information to be aware of before engaging in intercourse during periods. It’s definitely a personal choice, but keep these points in mind when you make it.

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