5 Things Your Children Should Know That Will Help Protect Them from Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse in children is probably one of the most common menaces in almost every society today. A statistical study has shown that so many children are sexually harassed almost daily by adults and even their contemporaries.

As a parent who wants to completely eradicate the possibility of having their children abused by sexual oppressors, it becomes pivotal to orient them in certain areas, especially areas that concern their sexuality. Below are some of them.

1.  Teach them the sensitivity of their private parts early.

For the female child, teach them to understand how sensitive their virginal, buttock and breast are, and under no circumstance should they allow anyone, not even family members or close friend to touch them in these areas. The same teaching goes for the male child as well, as they should be quick to rebuke or reprimand anyone who wants to make fond or touch their private part. Orienting your children in this area early enough will help guide them from people who might want to take advantage of them.

2.  They should not be afraid to report any form of abuse to you or the appropriate authorities.

Teach your children to quickly report anyone who intends to touch or make a remark on their private parts. Most sexual abuse often starts with the oppressors making silly remarks about their victim which later advances to something more physical when not reprimanded the first time. Instil the boldness in your children to report anyone who touches or makes a reference to their sexual organs to you or the appropriate authorities where ever they may find themselves.

3.  Not to play with the opposite sex in an enclosed place.

Most cases of sexual abuse are usually engineered by an act of privacy between two opposite gender. Make your children understand that the idea of being in an enclosed place with the opposite gender can highly increase the risk of sexual assault, hence; they must desist from going into a lonely or secluded corner with them. This advice applies mostly to female children, as they should be strictly warned to refrain from such an enclosed association.

4.  Should refrain from sex-related discussions with the opposite gender.

In addition, teach your children about the possibility of being abused simply by engaging in a sex-related conversation with the other gender. A topic of this sort is usually aimed at igniting a sexual atmosphere or consciousness in the other person, and when such a discussion is continued, it might likely prompt both or either person to instigate the move for sex.


5.  Teach your children to maintain body boundaries.


Orient your children on the necessity of maintaining a clear boundary while relating with others. Teach them to exempt the involvement of their sexuality in their dealings. In other words, they should be conscious of not having others play or touch their private areas whether playfully or deliberately.



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