5 Tips That Will Help You Achieve a Long-lasting Romantic Relationship

Having a long-lasting romantic relationship or marriage that is satisfying isn’t something that happens by default, it requires the deliberate practice of virtues that are responsible for promoting love, tolerance, harmony and commitment.

Studies have shown that most marriages today have ended, while many others are on the brink of collapsing because of the neglect of the aforementioned virtuous qualities. To improve your romantic relationship, it becomes important to imbibe certain practices in your dealings with your partner. See them below.

1.  Be tolerant and more accommodative.

Tolerance is the ability to overlook the wrongs and shortcomings of your partner for the sake of peace. Every relationship – be it marriage or others is bound to experience emotional tension between the partners involved, and when this moment comes, it only takes tolerance and patience to push through with the relationship. In a nutshell, strive to be more accommodative and try not to react to every menace displayed by your partner to promote peace in your relationship.

2.  Always be attentive to your partner.

Partners who are fond of listening to each other’s complaints and other issues are prone to having a healthier relationship than those who don’t. The word attentiveness is synonymous with ‘care’, hence; if you want a satisfying relationship, you should learn to be caring and attentive to all that pertains to your partner.

3.  Argue less and be more understanding.

I understand that there will be moments romantic partners will have to disagree on an issue, however; the disagreement should be properly managed and geared towards making a positive change. Moments of disagreements between partners should be reduced, and this can only be achieved on the ground of understanding. Understanding is simply the idea of adjusting your thoughts and perceptions to align with your partner’s for the sake of harmony. Without understanding, no relationship can survive the test of time.

4.  Always discuss your negative emotions rather than bottling them up.

Issues are best resolved when they are voiced and not when concealed. If you are going through a tough moment in your life – probably in your health, emotion or other personal areas, it becomes pivotal to reveal it to your partner. The idea of hiding the hurtful feelings or pains from your partner and making an unhealthy decision about them might hamper the longevity of your relationship. For instance, if your partner offence you, instead of being quiet and plotting a revenge mission, just reveal it and let them know how you feel about it. You never can tell; your partner might not be aware of the hurt in the first place, and that is the more reason you should discuss it with them.


5.  Be more romantic and affectionate towards your partner.


A relationship is best enjoyed when both partners are passionate and affectionate towards each other. Being affectionate towards one’s partner embraces the whole idea of adhering to romantic gestures like; playing bedroom games together, watching movies together, going on an outdoor to fun places and interacting actively. All these practices and more will help sustain the affinity and love both partners share.



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