5 types of people you should avoid dating

Love is an action word. When it comes to romantic relationships, love is a decision. It is easy to get carried away with your emotions when you are in love. However, there are some people you should not date no matter how you feel. These are:

1. Your sibling’s ex

It is weird to date someone your sibling once dated. Your sibling might be trying to forget the person and move on, but you have made your sibling’s ex resurface in your life and theirs. Besides, dating your sibling’s ex is toxic in the long run.

2. Your bestfriend’s ex

It is on no account for you should have an unusually close relationship with your best friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend. You shouldn’t be even texting and meeting up with your best friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend, as the case may be. This relationship may be permissible if you both met in another context and not as a result of the relationship both of you have with your said best friend.

3. The parents of your friend

If you date the parent of your friend, you are likely going to stop being a friend and turn to their stepmother or stepfather. This gives all the wrong vibes. It does not tell well for your friend’s parents to be having an affair with you and you were the one responsible for their family falling apart.

4. Your housemate or neighbour

If you are sharing rent with someone of the opposite sex, don’t envisage having sex or dating them. When the relationship goes south, you will be there watching them bring different men or women into the house. This same rule applies to a neighbour.

5. A married person

A married person is unavailable. They are committed to their spouses.  So your coming into the scene shows that you want to break their home. Remember what goes around comes around. If you thinking of dating a married person, it is wrong as long as they are still married to their spouse.

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