6 Common Signs Of Condom Allergy That Should Not Be Ignored

It is common in some men to experience certain symptoms with the use of condom. This article examines what to know about condom allergy and its treatment options.

While allergy may occur with any product, it is mostly common with latex products. Some occur slowly after repeated exposure while it may develop in some men just immediately afte intimacy.

According to Healthline, common signs that a person may be allergic to condoms after intimacy include:

1. Itching

2. Redness

3. Bumps

4. Swelling

5. Hives

6. Rashes

This can also occur in women because the vaginal mucous membrane can absorb latex proteins faster than the membranes of the p£nis, thus they are more likely to experience systemic reactions such as runny nose or congestion, watery eyes, scratchy throat, or flushing of the face.

These symptoms often occur in people who are allergic to natural latex. Such people are also likely to react to foods like banana, avocado, potato, & tomato. While it is most common with latex condoms, it can occur with other non-latex products too.

What to do

1. When this happens often, it is best to change the product you’re using to another alternative you’re not allergic to.

2. Spermicides added to condoms can also trigger this reaction. You may need to check for products that are spermicide-free.

3. The lubricants you use alongside a product may also contribute. In that case, you may need to switch to something more natural to avoid exposure to irritating chemicals

4. Talk to a doctor especially if this happens regularly. It could Indicate an underlying condition and series of tests and examination will diagnose what is wrong

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