6 Early Warning Signs Of An Enlarged Prostate That Every Man Need To Know

According to Medical News Today, prostate enlargement is a bit different from prostate cancer but it has several signs and symptoms that can negatively impact an individual’s life. It is medically referred to as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The prostate will begin to enlarge if the cells of the prostate gland begin to increase thereby causing the prostate gland to swell which could squeeze the urethra and limit the flow of urine. It is most common among men of age 50 and above, that is why aging remains one of the major causes of an enlarged prostate.

So, this article shall be listing 6 early warning signs of prostate engagement in men.

The early warning signs of an enlarged prostate are always soft at the early stage but they might get worse if left untreated.

Listed below are the signs of an enlarged prostate;

1. The individual might experience difficulty passing out urine from the body.

2. Nocturia

This is the urge to pass out urine more than twice a night. If you begin to experience this situation, it is advisable to visit your doctor to conduct a test on you.

3. Urinary retention

This happens when you want to pass out urine and it refuses to come out of the bladder which might make you experience pain throughout the night. It is also one of the major signs of an enlarged prostate, therefore it should not be ignored.

4. You experience sexual dysfunction

The chance of an individual having an enlarged prostate to sexual dysfunction is high. This is because the enlarged prostate expressed more pressure on the urethra, thereby making it hard to ejaculate during intercourse and also causing erectile dysfunction.

5. An individual having an enlarged prostate might experience spilling at the end of the urine flow.

6. You might be having an enlarged prostate if you begin to notice blood in your urine.


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