6 Healthy Ways To Wash Your Male Organ

In an article written by Sian Ferguson in Healthline, you can wash your pubic area with warm water and unscented, mild soap. Don’t apply harsh soaps or scrub the area the hard way, since the sensitive skin in the area may be irritated.


While washing your male organ, make sure you do the following;

1. Wash your pubic mound and the skin around the base of the male organ, and also the skin between your thighs and your pubic mound. Sweat may collect there.

2. Ensure you wash the shaft of your male organ.

3. If you have a foreskin, carefully pull it back and clean it. This assists to prevent smegma build-up, which may result in conditions like balanitis.

4. Ensure you wash your scrotum and the skin found around it.

5. Wash your perineum, it’s the piece of skin between your scrotum and anus.

6. Wash close to your anus and within your butt cheeks.

Bear in mind that it’s best to wash your male organ every time you are bathing. However, it’s a good idea to wash it in medically recommended ways

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